at KTek Resourcing
Published September 20, 2023
Location Atlanta, GA
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Job Type Full-time  



Onsite - Atlanta, GA

Job Description/ Responsibilities

1. Forcepoint Endpoint DLP Expertise: Demonstrated experience and proficiency in working with Forcepoint Endpoint DLP, including configuration, troubleshooting, and policy management.

2. DLP Deployment Troubleshooting: Strong troubleshooting skills to diagnose and resolve deployment failures and issues with Forcepoint DLP solutions.

3. Scripting and Automation: Proficiency in scripting languages like Python, PowerShell, or Bash to automate DLP-related tasks and streamline workflows.

4. Security and Compliance Knowledge: Understanding of data security principles, regulatory compliance (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA), and the ability to align DLP policies with compliance requirements.

5. Network and Endpoint Security: Knowledge of network and endpoint security concepts to integrate DLP solutions effectively within your organization's infrastructure.

6. Incident Response Skills: The capability to respond to DLP incidents promptly, investigate data breaches, and implement corrective actions.

7. Collaboration and Communication: Strong communication and teamwork skills to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, including IT, security, and compliance departments.

8. Adaptability and Learning: Willingness and ability to stay updated with the latest DLP technologies and security trends to adapt to evolving threats and challenges.

9. Analytical Thinking: Critical thinking and problem-solving skills to analyze complex DLP issues and devise innovative solutions.

10. Documentation: Effective documentation skills to maintain records of configurations, policies, and incident reports for future reference.

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