Nicholas Gilbert

CISSP, 8x AWS Certified, Security Engineer, Cloud Architect
Cloud Architect, Cyber Security Specialist, Cloud Engineer, Senior Security Engineer and Linux System Administrator roles

• Provided custom solutions and upgrades for new and existing clients, maintaining best practices regarding security.
• Engineered a suite of cloud management scripts in Python using the Boto 3 library, including a deployment script, used
to launch new instances with a variety of configuration options in a single command.
• Engineered Lambda scripts, using Python, to automate security.
• Engineered Cloud Formation templates, for various functions including web and database server clusters, and CDNs.
• Set up and implemented highly available and auto-scalable cloud solutions for high-end clients, both for the web
frontend and RDS Aurora (mySQL) backend.
• Aided clients in achieving PCI DSS compliance.
• Set up backup and disaster recovery solutions in the cloud.
• Managed a multi-account AWS cloud environment, created IAM policies, following the principle of least privilege.
• Set up a Chef server to manage many servers at once and meet configuration management requirements.
• DevOps using Agile Scrum, Kanban Boards, Git and CodeCommit.
• Managed Windows Server 2016 Servers with msSQL web.
• Setup an AWS training program, with labs, for colleagues.

Last Resume Update July 8, 2020

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